Monday, November 26, 2018

Firewood Newsletter 2018 Online version

Once again we are offering quality seasoned firewood at reasonable prices. 
I’m sending my firewood newsletter early this year. The current hot dry weather tends to make us all forget it will soon be wet and cold. Call now so when we finally get a good rain you can have your firewood ready to add warmth and cheer to your home.
Last year we fell short of our goal of providing a 50/50 mix of hard and soft woods and we are still a bit short. This year’s mix is going to run 60% pine and 40% hardwood. 
Those of you who purchased from us before know all our woods burn well. Burning wet or improperly seasoned firewood produces a lot of extra smoke and soot and you will want to avoid that. We deliver seasoned dry wood, but how you store it will make a big difference in how it will burn.
It is very important to store your firewood so it will remain dry. Putting a cover over a woodpile is not enough. Dry wood will draw in moisture from the dew-filled night air. Firewood should be stored in a well-ventilated outdoor area protected from the elements.
We are offering three ways to buy mixed firewood this year:
$100 - quarter cord 60/40 pine/hardwood mix
$150 - half cord 60/40 pine/hardwood mix
$260 - full cord 60/40 pine/hardwood mix

We provide Free Local Delivery throughout the Crescenta Valley including Glendale, Montrose, La Cañada, Flintridge, La Crescenta, Tujunga, Sunland, Shadow Hills and Lakeview Terrace. There is a $20 charge for delivery outside of our local area.  
Stacking is additional. Our current stacking prices start at $20 for a half cord if the stack is within 20 feet of where the pick-up truck is parked and 50 cents per step over 20 feet. For a full cord, the price is doubled.
Ask about good deals on limb logs and irregulars for camping and fire pits.
I still don’t do email. When you want to order or if you have any questions, please call. 
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Happy New Year and God Bless - Dan Scully

Tips for Firewood Storage

I always try to get my firewood newsletter out before it gets cold to help avoid rush delivery scheduling. With all the terrible wildfires going on right now this may seem like a sore subject, however, I’m sure a good rain will help us all feel better.
We are still trying to achieve a 50/50 hardwood to pine ratio for our mixed wood product, but this year our mix is going to be closer to 60 percent pine and 40 percent hardwood. Because we have been avoiding taking in pine firewoods our next year’s mix looks to be a much higher percentage of hardwood. 

As always our seasoned and selected wood is excellent quality.
Do not burn wet wood. That smoke up your neighbor and and soot up your chimney. 
Someone asked me once what is the best way to store my firewood. I was so glad to be asked that question because I’ve given that a lot of thought. Even if you cover your wood, dry wood will draw in moisture from the dew-filled night air.
In Oregon wood tight wood sheds are common, however, the best storage of wood is actually a greenhouse.
If you reduce your wood supply by February to make room to start growing your tomatoes and restock your wood by June without breaking glass or plastic you will have done everything perfectly.
However last year I only had one fire before Valentine’s Day, and after that I enjoyed regular fires for about 6 weeks.
The last few years March has been quite chilly, and in fact, March holds both the coldest day and the rainiest day ever recorded here.
It seems there’s a market for 1/4 cords so I guess we’ll start selling those too for $100 delivered. 
Also ask about good deals on limb logs and irregulars for camping and fire pits.

I still don’t do email. When you want to order or if you have any questions, please call. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

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I don’t do email. 

But many of my customers do. Last year I mailed out my usual newsletter. I will still do this for anyone who prefers hearing from me once a year by snail mail.

Help me build my email mailing list to save trees and make it easier for everyone to get my yearly reminder about quality seasoned firewood at reasonable prices.

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You can feel good about using our firewood because it comes from trees that had to be removed. Consider us part of Mother Nature's recycling team.

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If you need to contact me about buying firewood or tree services please call me. I'm an old codger and I don't have a smart phone or computer. I try to offer my customers good old fashioned customer service by telephone.

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Friday, March 23, 2018

About Dan Scully's Tree Sevices

Dan Scully has been providing expert tree work since 1974. His company, Dan Scully's Tree Services provides expert and professional tree services to customers throughout the Crescenta Valley in California. Service area includes Sunland, La Crescenta, La Canada, Flintridge, Montrose and Glendale CA. His team has been with him for years under the expert guidance of Rene Martinez. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Officially not a licensed contractor as provided for in section 7027.2. All service charges are calculated at a labor rate of $50.00 per man-hour. Estimated time of jobs have been historically reliable, and if this is agreed upon we pledge not to exceed estimated time without notice, explanation and authorization. Estimated time includes clean up, travel etc. etc.

Our experience is your best Guarantee of Satisfaction.

Officially Unlicensed for Better Savings.

Homeowner policy insured -- the same as your gardeners are.

Free estimates. Call for an appointment.

Dan is an old codger and he don't do email. Call 818-248-0034.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Another great year of providing great service to Sunland-Tujunga and the surrounding communities.

We are having a cold snap right now. Call if you need firewood.

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