Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Firewood

Time to order your holiday firewood. Make a great family tradition of lighting a Yule log on Christmas. Some people decorate the log and and some make a ceremony of lighting it. Or just have firewood ready to burn in your fireplace as a way to make your home warm and welcoming during the holidays.

Merry Merry

To learn more about the history and tradition of the yule log, click here.

Dan Scully's Tree Services offers delivery of seasoned firewood to customers throughout the Crescenta Valley in California near Los Angeles. 

Because of a lot of pine removals last year, our mixed wood orders are about 60% pine and 40% hardwood. The good news is the prices for our mixed wood firewood has gone down.

Our oak supply looks strong right now, and all split early and well summer seasoned.

Please keep your firewood as dry as possible to reduce smoke and chimney problems.

Prices for Delivered Wood

$125     1/2 cord all pine
$220     full cord all pine

$150     1/2 cord mix
$260     full cord mix

$200     1/2 cord all oak
$360     full cord all oak

We prefer cash, but for your convenience, we still accept checks.

Call today to get your stock of firewood to burn during the holidays.

I'm an old codger and I don't do email. Call me. 818-248-0034.

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Im an old codger and I dont do email. Please call me with your concerns.