Friday, December 7, 2012

Emergency Tree Service

One of our regular clients had us out to give a quote for tree trimming. That night, there was a windstorm, and in the morning, the coral tree had split. We got the call to come out immediately.

When we arrived, we found a large portion of the coral tree split. It was supported by the power lines leading to the house and by the picket fence. Our team carefully put supports under the tree and then trimmed the foliage around the power lines. Then we removed the damaged section of the tree. Then we trimmed all of the clients other trees and cleaned up the area. 

No one can know when they will need emergency help. We hope you will never need to call us for something like this, but just in case, keep our number handy. 

I'm an old codger and I don't do email. Call me. 818-248-0034.

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Im an old codger and I dont do email. Please call me with your concerns.